Why Direct Primary Care For Healthcare Providers In Albuquerque Is A Must!

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January 18, 2023

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Why direct primary care benefits your healthcare providers is not surprising. But unfortunately, they are more exposed to hazards due to the nature of their job.

How can they care for other people if they need medical care themselves? Keeping your employees healthy makes your business thrive, too. Discover what a direct primary care provider in Albuquerque has to offer you.

  • What are the advantages of DPC?
  • How does DPC benefit healthcare employers?
  • What are common ailments of healthcare providers?
  • How does DPC benefit them?

Why Direct Primary Care

Direct primary care benefits everyone regardless of their profession. It provides many services similar to health insurance. But there are also differences when it comes to the delivery of healthcare. 

Traditional health insurance has various services depending on the coverage offered. The price dictates the healthcare menu. In contrast, direct primary care sets a fixed monthly fee to cover all their services.

For instance, you can avail of these services from direct primary care that you won’t usually find in traditional health insurance. 

  • Same-Day/Next-Day Appointments
  • Less Time in the Waiting Room
  • More Time with the Provider
  • Major Lab Discounts; 50-90%
  • In-House Specialist Access (fees vary)
  • Discounted Medications
  • 24/7 Telemedicine

In general, direct primary care is accessible and affordable. It also promotes the long-term client-clinician relationship. As a result, your healthcare employees receive continuity of care. In addition, proper monitoring of their health prevents them from developing chronic diseases.

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Why Direct Primary Care Benefits Healthcare Employers

The US Census Bureau reports that 54.3% of the population has employer-sponsored health insurance in 2021. 

Yet smaller companies, like clinics or small private healthcare facilities, struggle to find affordable healthcare. Why direct primary care? You gain three advantages from a direct primary care provider as an employer. 

  1. Less Cost

Direct primary care has a fixed monthly membership fee compared to traditional health insurance. For instance, your healthcare workers receive our services for only $65 to $80 monthly. In addition, there are no deductibles and no copays. At the same time, you won’t receive surprise billings since you pay an upfront transparent price.

  1. More Savings 

Employers often face problems of employee absenteeism and presenteeism. It happens when your healthcare workers get sick often. This unhealthy condition can be prevented with proper healthcare. In addition, offering direct primary care promotes productivity which positively contributes to your business. 

  1. Recruitment and Retention Advantage

A 2018 Glassdoor survey reveals the factors people look for in job advertisements. Salary ranks first at 67%, followed by benefits at 63%. Next, an attractive benefit (48%) ranked higher than a salary (46%). Thus, offering healthcare benefits, like direct primary care, attracts candidates to apply for you. 

At the same time, it retains your healthcare workforce. A 2020 benefits survey by the Society for Human Resource Management reveals that 90% of employers rank health as the most valued benefit of their employees. 

Thus, direct primary care benefits your healthcare workers and you. Direct primary care maintains your employees' health to keep them productive. At the same time, you save on costs, and you get to recruit and retain a healthy workforce.

Common Ailments of Healthcare Providers

Why direct primary care? Healthcare workers, like employees from other sectors, can also get sick. In addition, healthcare workers are prone to accidents and occupational injuries in performing their jobs.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention includes back injuries, chemical and drug exposure, and sharps injuries. A 2019 review of studies further reveal healthcare workers suffer from stress or burnout. It is because they work long hours with more workloads due to less staff. 

Some of these occupational hazards are divided into two. Examples of biological hazards are airborne or infectious diseases and sharps injuries. 

At the same time, they may expose themselves to non-biological hazards like muscle and bone injuries. Other risk factors include chronic diseases. For example, your employees are more prone to develop obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. 

It seems ironic that healthcare workers do not care for their health as expected. But, whatever their reason for missing out on vaccines and tests, your employees need healthcare as much as everyone else.

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Why Direct Primary Care Is Favorable for Healthcare Providers

Acute Care

Acute care is essential since your employees may experience accidents on the job. They may slip or fall, causing a minor injury. Direct primary care in Albuquerque handles cases like this one. 

They can visit the clinic, like going to an ER. But unlike the ER, your employees spend more time with a direct primary care clinician.

Virtual Consultation

Other than accidents, your employees may be experiencing symptoms. In this case, your healthcare workers need to seek medical advice. 

They may opt for a virtual consult or 24/7 telemedicine. Direct primary care offers this convenient service without employees leaving their workplace or home. 

Chronic Disease Management

Moreover, your employees who have an existing illness can benefit from direct primary care. For example, the World Health Organization cites that up to 72% of nurses suffer from persistent low back pain. But, again, it can be due to unsafe client handling.

As a consequence, their performance and productivity suffer. Chronic disease management is readily available at a direct primary care provider.

Preventive Care

However, direct primary care offers preventive services before your employees get sick. For example, your employees enjoy a 50% discount on labs and tests. 
Screening helps in identifying potential diseases before they progress or worsen. It also lessens the risks of disabilities and death. Yet, a study reveals only 8% of Americans aged 35 and older received high-priority preventive services. Additionally, almost 5% received none at all.


Why direct primary care? Offering healthcare benefits to your workers’ strengthens employee-employer relations. They feel appreciated knowing how you consider their general health and well-being. As a result, they want to stay in your health facility. Their job satisfaction equates to productivity and better business for you. 

Direct primary care in Albuquerque provides personalized healthcare services for your workers. It costs less than insurance. Moreover, it saves you money as it has a fixed monthly fee, no deductibles, and no copays. 

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