Top 5 Advantages for Engineers and Architects in ABQ with Direct Primary Care

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February 15, 2023

Unknown to many, architecture and engineering are demanding fields. While both professions are expected to be meddling with the dirty aspects of work, they are also expected to be creative and detail-oriented.

With this in mind, putting your architects and engineers on enrollment under direct primary care becomes a sure advantage. To keep your employees in good shape, their basic needs, especially healthcare have to be considered as utmost priority.

Why should you get your engineers and architects a direct primary care enrollment? Let’s find out.

With stress as one of the main sources of declining health and wellbeing, it is no longer surprising when engineers and architects find good healthcare coverage very inviting. And even perhaps, a very good reason to stay in a specific company.

Construction professionals are long known to struggle with the raw effects of stress, even during their university years. Though they are often seen as not doing the dirty aspects of construction such as carpentry and masonry work, they struggle with aspects such as subjective aesthetics and design processes.

This is a sad reality as this becomes the norm among these professionals. It becomes something they take in as part of their lifestyle even after graduation and as individual practitioners of their craft.

Stress unchecked can lead to a myriad of problems: high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity (to name a few). Stressful jobs require simple yet innovative solutions, something that helps address the good and the bad among individual coping strategies.

Primary care is a definite priority for these stressed-out professionals. It might be primary, but it doesn’t have to feel impersonal, forced, or rushed. 

Give your construction professionals the gift of an innovative healthcare experience. Talk to us about DPC, today!

Why the need to give your engineers and architects the gift of a direct primary care experience? Let’s carefully examine the advantages:

Direct primary care restores patient autonomy in healthcare

Patient autonomy is one of the greatest strengths in direct primary care. The strong bond formed between the direct primary care provider and the patient results in honest discussions and shared power in terms of decision-making.

Because of this setup, patients feel more informed regarding therapeutic options and their opinions are also heard and considered. Therefore, there is a shared decision-making process. Eventually both the provider and patient come up with a unanimous plan of action to reach ideal health goals.

Engineers and architects are known to be analytical, insightful, and detail-oriented professionals. The ability to make well-informed decisions for their health enables them to become more cooperative and compliant which is necessary for patients who are suffering from chronic health problems.

How exactly does direct primary care (DPC) leverage power sharing between the clinician and the patient?

It gives the patients power over their appointment schedules. DPC is known for shorter waiting times for appointments. DPC patients also have the discretion to choose visits at their convenience based on the urgency of their medical issues, thus encouraging patient empowerment and proactivity toward their health.

Primary care access for one flat monthly fee

Just a one-time flat monthly fee and that’s it – your primary health is sure to be well taken care of. No need to worry about copays and third-party-payer billing.

Engineers and architects are definitely sure to appreciate the convenience of healthcare that comes in a subscription model. While insurance is still important given what it covers what it is supposed to cover (e.g. catastrophic health occurrences, major accidents, and hospitalizations), DPC is there to prevent the avoidable from happening.

DPC takes care to a different, whole new level. Allow your insurance to cover what it’s supposed to cover and let DPC take care of everything else – before and in between. Drop us a call!

Lab workups, imaging, and medications come at a lower cost

The once-monthly subscription fee not only includes unlimited clinician access but also discounted rates for lab workups, imaging services, as well as medications. Depending on the specific plan chosen, some lab workups may even come free with enrollment.

This feature is specifically attractive for construction professionals as they can facilitate their regular lab work at the same clinic, with schedules at their own convenience.

Unrushed clinic consults are a sure way to help address stress-related mental health issues

Stress is the major driving force behind most chronic illnesses affecting construction professionals. Thus, an unrushed clinic consult just might be the key to uncovering hidden mental issues that need to be addressed.

In unrushed clinic consults, patients are encouraged to share their coping strategies. The clinician helps them identify the appropriateness of the strategy, and how to deal with the consequences of negative coping methods.

The construction industry is made up of a competitive and male-dominated work culture. This social stigma discourages the display of emotions and vulnerability, making it harder for clinicians to readily address mental health issues.

In fact, it was found that 83% of construction workers struggle with mental health issues. Moreover, the construction industry is identified as one of the top five industries with skyrocketing suicide rates. With figures like this, the need for mental health wellness visits becomes imperative.

DPC helps create and provide a safe space for intimate and sensitive conversations. Unrushed clinic consults help the clinician delve deeper into a patient’s medical and social history, which just might be what is needed to address the tangible health issues at hand.

Family coverage at a fraction of the cost

DPC also helps look after the health of dependents, reducing the additional mental workload on construction professionals. For a small fee, the benefits are then extended to the spouse and children.

DPC also has specific programs for pediatric patients. DPC’s additional feature of virtual teleconsultation is essential, especially for those with children that work in the construction industry. 24/7 access to a clinician gives a sense of security to the parent, and an avenue for both the clinician and parent to give timely care and management.

It’s hard to miss out on the major advantages that DPC offers for construction professionals. It is a refreshing alternative to the typical healthcare setup that most of us are accustomed to.

Not only that, but it doesn't just provide satisfaction for the patient, but for the clinician as well. DPC helps foster a culture of proactivity toward overall health and wellbeing from both the patient and clinician.

Do not miss out on the advantages and benefits that DPC offers. An enrollment just might be what your engineers and architects need! Schedule an appointment with us, now!

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