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November 22, 2021

Albuquerque, NM -- Testosterone Replacement Therapy has been helping men improve their energy levels, mood, sex drive and so on. What else should you know? Find out what Well Life ABQ Founder, KC Raver shares about this therapy with Jason Rigby in the ABQ Business Podcast

What are male hormones?

Males and females all have the same hormones in the body. They have testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone that follow the same pathways. The difference is that males have higher levels of testosterone. Testosterone in males causes them to be more aggressive and physically strong. 

Do all clinics offer the same TRT?

Men who are tired feel the need for testosterone. Clinics offer Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), but the manner of providing TRT varies. Well Life Family Practice (WLABQ) is a primary care clinic that applies a holistic approach. A client is seen from top to bottom to optimize health. TRT is a piece of the whole. And not everyone will be prescribed it.

WLABQ works on the business model of enhancing memberships and relationships. The staff checks on the symptoms first, like feeling tired, sluggish, or losing weight. It includes testing for testosterone levels. Other possibilities are checked like blood sugar level, sleeping behavior, vitamin D level, and mood. 

Other clinics push TRT as a business model of making a profit. Clients go to these clinics to get their dose of TRT. Clinics keep giving high doses to make their clients feel great. In between doses, hormone levels drop until the body can no longer produce its testosterone. So, clients return to these clinics to sustain their high.

What are the side effects of TRT on men?

Men who abuse Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) have super high levels of testosterone. They develop enlarged breasts. Aromatization occurs when testosterone turns into estrogen through two pathways. 

Aromatization is like a bucket full pathway. There are the 5-alpha and 5-bravo pathways. When the buckets’ too full, they will aromatize into estrogen. It’s the body’s way of getting rid of too much testosterone. As a result, the estrogen enlarges the male’s boobs.

At Well Life ABQ, we address testosterone and high levels of estrogen, an indicator of aromatization. Aromatization is blocked to prevent the development of estrogen. Therefore, there’s no need to replace testosterone. Instead, we have to make adjustments to balance the hormones.

How does it feel to get TRT?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is a lifelong therapy. Unfortunately, clinics don’t usually inform their clients. But, WLABQ ensures clients are informed of this lifetime testosterone management. 

The WLABQ membership fee covers the initial discussion and TRT. There are no extra fees for prescription on topical creams and pellets insertion.

The first 30-45 minutes are spent with the client in an in-depth discussion about TRT. WLABQ staff orients the client about the present status and the expected outcome of TRT. It also includes advice on nutrition, exercise, weight lifting, and sleep even without Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). 

Clients report they feel better, they feel good, libido’s back, and erections improved. They get all the benefits without experiencing the side effects of a too high level of testosterone.

What factors affect TRT?

WLABQ provides Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and considers the general wellbeing of a client. Diet, sleep and exercise positively impact a client who may or may not consider TRT.

An example is a patient from another clinic. One side effect of giving too much testosterone is prostate enlargement. It resulted in the retention of urine in the bladder as the enlarged prostate blocked the path. It led to urinary tract infections. Moreover, too much testosterone increases the red blood cells. The patient was advised to donate blood. 

Unfortunately, he wasn’t informed that these conditions were caused by high doses of testosterone provided by the clinic. So WLABQ took him in and gave him medical advice to address his problem. Since then, he has normally been peeing and didn’t have to donate blood.

Discussion Highlights

0:11 – Introduction of KC

0:59 – KC briefly defines TRT

1:45 – Mention about dangers that can happen, risks and benefits

2:02 – What are hormones and what makes a male a male

3:14 – TRT and advertising and how clinics offer TRT

4:11 – Different kinds of TRT: pellets, injection or intramuscular, sublingual, oral, and topical 

4:51 – Whether I need testosterone or not

4:56 – WLABQ business model

5:51 – Symptoms of low testosterone

6:12 – Normal levels of testosterone and progesterone

7:50 – The answer is not just testosterone to symptoms 

8:16 – Cost of TRT and profit margins

8:38 – Effect of constantly giving high doses of TRT: Inability of the body to produce its testosterone

8:59 – What sets WLABQ apart from other clinics: Conservative and science-based

9:18 – Aromatization of estrogen and testosterone

10:22 – How to address aromatization

11:39 – Testosterone replacement as a lifelong therapy

13:03 – What are the effects of TRT

13:44 – Procedure: What it’s like to get TRT

15:22 – Importance of diet, exercise, and sleep

17:07 – Effects of too much testosterone and risks to men

18:47 – The best form of TRT administration: cream and pellets

20:15 – TRT pellets administration, procedure, and cost

22:26 – Why other clinics are pushing for TRT injections/shots

24:32 – Testosterone/estrogen level tests and frequency of TRT pellets administration

25:30 – What to expect during the first TRT pellets administration and initial effects

26:15 – Supplements like Fish Oil to regulate testosterone/estrogen metabolism

27:20 – WLABQ services all in one house

28:03 – WLABQ for individuals and membership package for businesses

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