Seven Benefits for Healthcare Providers Getting DPC Coverage in ABQ

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December 28, 2022

While healthcare providers wholeheartedly deliver care and services to the sick and ailing, little attention has been actually given to their wellbeing. It wais not until the pandemic thatwhen the usual problems encountered by healthcare providers weare highlighted, citing burnout and stress as one of the persistent problems overall.

As ironic as it seems, most healthcare providers actually pay a little attention to their own health status. 

But why is it ultimately necessary for healthcare providers to get the comprehensive healthcare coverage they should have?

Burdened, burned- out healthcare providers

The challenges healthcare providers face every day are notis not that far off from what ordinary people face in a day. However, these challenges are taken up by a notch once we include the risk of getting infectious diseases.

With roughly 18 million healthcare providers all over the US, healthcare is considered a fast-growing sector in the country. It is not surprising to know that healthcare workers face a wide range of hazards, which include the following:

  • Sharps and needlestick injuries
  • Chemical, radiation, and drug exposures
  • Back and postural injuries
  • Latex allergies and other sources for contact dermatitis
  • Violence
  • Stress and burnout

Even with the utmost preventive methods and care, healthcare providers continue to face the risk of injuries and illnesses in their line of work. These cases of nonfatal work-related injuries and illnesses are highest in the healthcare sector.

Who takes care of the healthcare provider when the healthcare provider becomes sick?

Why DPC?

So why the need for direct primary care (DPC) coverage? Because our healthcare providers deserve only the best!

  1. DPC offers comprehensive coverage for a lower cost. 

Just like the rest of the world, healthcare providers should be given access to convenient and affordable healthcare. Although some healthcare providers enjoy the benefits of free consultations and discounted laboratories, medicines and procedures can still demand a huge chunk of the healthcare provider’s budget.

DPC provides access to discounted medications and procedures performed inside the clinic. Thus, it takes off a large part of the burden of spending (and the worry of overpaying) for these prescriptions. Our healthcare providers definitely deserve that!

  1. DPC offers unrushed clinician consults.

Despite a rather thorough medical knowledge compared to the layman, healthcare providers also need unrushed clinician consults. Most healthcare providers already have a diagnosis in mind before the actual clinic consultation, thus all the more is it necessary to give them an unrushed appointment to get down to the bottom of the matter.

If the notion “ignorance is bliss” stands true, then knowledge is catastrophic for healthcare professionals who tend to overthink! There is a need to be in a calm, unrushed, focused environment with a clinician who can invest time and space. 

Conversing with a patient who happens to be a co-healthcare worker is actually a tedious process and DPC inherently delivers a safe space for these types of conversations. 

  1. DPC makes use of telemedicine.

Everyone deserves an antidote for sudden anxiety bursts (just in case it occurs), and telemedicine can be a tool to help alleviate anxiety among healthcare providers. Moreover, telemedicine helps healthcare providers save time queuing for visits that should have been about Acetaminophen dosing, among others!

Telemedicine is one powerful tool that enables immediate and urgent access to a clinic as needed. Everyone gets to benefit from it as long as they have access to it.

Though it may seem that this is a feature that is not so useful to healthcare providers, always remember that not all healthcare workers are created equal. This can absolutely come in handy in case a more objective point of view to approach a family member’s symptoms is required and necessary.

  1. DPC offers coverage for dependents.

For healthcare providers to function objectively and skillfully, one has to ensure healthcare coverage for the people he or she values the most – family members. With just a minimal fee, DPC gives solutions to worry and anxiety in case a family member gets sick.

Your DPC clinic also covers the most challenging group to treat: DPC handles pediatric cases as well. With this in mind, healthcare providers can seamlessly navigate their way through their busy schedules and professions. It will be comforting to know they have a clinic they can run to in case things get awry at home. 

CTA: Security and productivity go hand in hand for healthcare providers. Secure them and their families now with DPC! Set an appointment with us today!

Security and productivity go hand in hand for healthcare providers. Secure them and their families now with DPC!

  1. DPC helps address burnout and depression via referrals.

The typical healthcare provider workplace has a very high-stress index level, with the nursing profession having the highest level of work-related mental illness. 

All healthcare workers appear to be at risk for substance abuse. This is attributed to easy access and self-medication.

Healthcare workers are seemingly staunch advocates for mental health awareness. But it is also healthcare workers who are reluctant to seek help when they recognize symptoms within themselves.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in higher incidences of burnout, stress, anxiety, and depression among healthcare providers. 

DPC offers multiple solutions through referrals. A healthcare provider’s enrollment thus goes a long way towards his or her mental health workup and management just in case the need arises. It can come in the form of a check-up, lab work, or even therapy and counseling.

  1. DPC fosters preventive care through vaccinations. 

COVID-19 helped the world realize the necessity of vaccines. Direct primary care supports the idea of regular vaccinations, especially against flu and pneumonia.

A healthcare provider’s enrollment fee goes a long way in terms of preventive care. A tailored customized vaccination plan will not let healthcare providers go to battle unarmed. Instead, specific vaccines will help them become fully girded against infectious diseases common in their workplace.

  1. DPC helps reinforce preventive care for optimal health and wellbeing.

Six out of 10 adults in the US suffer from undiagnosed chronic disease, while four out of 10 have at least two types of chronic diseases. Healthcare providers are not exempt from these statistical numbers. 

Chronic disease affects 50% of the US’ entire population, with its care consuming more than 85% of overall healthcare costs. DPC provides a novel way of providing care that paves the way to lower costs and higher patient satisfaction. 

Despite healthcare providers being people who are best informed about chronic illnesses, a great number still are at high risk for metabolic disease and cardiovascular diseases. 

The great thing about DPC is that long, unrushed clinic visits will help your clinician to know you better. In the process, you, with your clinician, get to identify the diseases you are at risk for, and what you need to be wary of. 

DPC helps regular lab workups and appointments to be pleasant and affordable. Patient compliance becomes a breeze, and chronic diseases thus won’t go unnoticed.

Empty cups versus overflowing cups

The bottom line is, your healthcare providers cannot give what they don’t have.

Which is why as part of the management team that manages healthcare providers, you should see to it that they do not pour from an empty cup! 

Getting them direct primary care enrollment is one sure way to help them feel a deep sense of security, enabling them to function better and give their best to the next patient that crosses their path.

Take care of your healthcare providers so they can take better care of your patients. Drop us a call now to discuss more about DPC here in ABQ.

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