Best Tips for Quarantine Weight Gain Management

Quarantine Weight Gain and Working from Home

The global pandemic COVID-19 has changed our daily routines for the foreseeable future. Many of us are going to continue working remotely and maybe looking for some  quarantine weight gain management tips while our routine continues to be impacted by COVID-19.

Working from home has a lot of advantages including flexibility and comfort. As more and more companies make the permanent switch to working remotely, a lot of people may be finding that they love the benefits of working from home but the 24/7 access to the snacks and lack of routine is causing some weight gain. If you are finding yourself in this boat, don’t worry, you are not alone. We will go over some tips and tricks to make sure you can continue living a healthy lifestyle while staving off or shedding that quarantine weight gain.

Choose the right foods

This is one of the most important steps for weight management. You may have heard that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet and that’s true. While working remotely, opt for healthy meals and snack choices.

We know it’s tempting to order takeout or delivery for a quick meal, but that is going to increase weight gain. Instead cut up veggies, fruits and cheeses and have them available in your fridge so you can throw together a quick sandwich or salad.

You will find your concentration is much better when you are fueling your body and feeding your brain with healthy foods. You also won’t have to worry about falling into a food coma after eating a large, greasy takeout meal.

quarantine weight gain

Limit snacking

One of the biggest reasons for quarantine weight gain is constant access to snacks. When we work from home,  we often feel like any time we get the slightest bout of hunger that we can head to the fridge for a snack or a soda.

If you have gained weight while working from home, it is likely from constant snacking. In order to stop the weight gain or prevent it from happening altogether, limit your snacks. Instead of heading to the fridge every time you feel like it or anytime you get bored or have a spare minute, set a snacking schedule.

Allow yourself one snack before lunch and one snack at the end of the day. Instead of snacking every time you have a break, substitute the snack with some exercise. That can be done in the form of a quick walk, some stretching or yoga or even a quick ab routine.

Make sure you are reaching for healthy snacks like nuts, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, dried fruit or granola. Plus, if you are limiting your snacks you will feel less guilty about indulging in a treat snack once in a while.

Get dressed

It is so tempting to stay in our pajamas or sweatpants all day long when working remotely. But, getting dressed will actually help you be more productive and will help you not gain weight.

When you can feel how your clothes are fitting and feel if they are getting tighter, you will be more likely to get serious about your diet and exercise rather than just wearing sweatpants and not noticing that your work clothes are getting a little too tight.

Find ways to stay motivated

Staying motivated during quarantine is an incredible struggle for all of us. But, you just need to try a little harder to find motivation and hold yourself accountable. This can be done by using a fitness app to track your workouts and remind you to get your workouts in.

You can weigh yourself once a week to make to ensure weight management and you can even include your spouse, partner or family members on your fitness journey. This way you can hold one another accountable and keep each other motivated. It’s also more fun to exercise with a buddy, if possible.


Having trouble managing your quarantine  weight gain?

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