Why ABQ Insurance Brokers are Prone to Chronic Diseases (And Here's How You Can Prevent It

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December 22, 2022

While Albuquerque is a very nice and safe place to live in, the environment can still be occasionally harsh towards our overall health and wellbeing. 

Insurance brokers are expected to spend more than 50% of their working hours meeting clients and closing deals. This makes them especially susceptible to a lot of diseases, both acute and chronic. 

Let’s take a look at the challenges they face and why a DPC enrollment is a sure way to make them happy and healthy!

It’s tedious – talking about health, chronic diseases,the consequences of a loved one’s chronic disease, and the reality of burial expenses. At one point, we take a step back and ask ourselves: what if this really happened to me?

But the thing is, before coping with the realities of death and dying, we have to deal with the realities of living. Insurance brokers know a lot about this harsh reality and would appreciate someone who will look out for them regarding this aspect.

Why are insurance brokers especially prone to chronic diseases? Let’s find out.

Insurance brokers are always out on the “field”.

The “field” involves a lot of risks, and hence, susceptibility to infectious and contagious diseases increases by two to three-fold. Harsh environmental conditions also further predispose people to have lower immunity defenses.

Aside from environmental exposure to pollutants, being always out on the field means the tendency to adopt otherwise risky behaviors or lifestyle choices. This includes an unhealthy diet, smoking or exposure to cigarette smoke, and even excessive alcohol intake. 

For instance, traveling to a potential client’s location might give the impression of the need to adopt a high-sugar diet and cigarette smoking (to keep them awake for long drives). 

Direct primary care (DPC) gives multiple solutions to this common problem encountered across the “field”. First, DPC offers vaccinations that help prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases among personnel exposed to field work through active and passive immunity.

Second, DPC offers the opportunity for early detection. A teleconsult can immediately be arranged at the first sign of a cold or a fever, and lab work is done at the right time and conveniently at the clinic. 

Third, DPC offers health education. Some information might come in handy, just in case. A clinic visit, coupled with an unhurried hour with a clinician, just might be the appointment that one needs. 

Fourth, DPC offers regular consults and lab work for a fixed premium. While infectious diseases caught early on are the key to faster recovery, regular consults and lab work greatly solve the increasing incidence of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Why choose DPC to look out after your employees doing fieldwork? Because DPC can!

Insurance brokers are often too busy to work out.

It's not new among insurance brokers to have swamped schedules. On top of deadlines, they often need to be extra flexible with their time to accommodate the time availability of their clients.

With such schedules, intentional physical activity and workouts become rare. The World Health Organization (WHO) emphasizes that adults aged 18 to 64 years old should have at least 150–300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity, or at least 75–150 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity every week. 

The inability to achieve intentional physical activity predisposes an individual to cardiovascular disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. DPC helps individuals attain a healthy lifestyle through health education and regular clinic counseling. 

DPC is proud of its overall drive to help its patients achieve an optimal quality of life at the fraction of the cost. With physical activity and exercise as important factors associated with reduced risk for chronic disease, these should be among the top topics in consideration during DPC visits. 

The great thing about DPC is that it also facilitates referrals across specialties. Hence, clinic visits won’t be all about disease management, but will also definitely include health education, specifically lifestyle and nutrition advice.

All these, for a fixed and affordable premium!

Insurance brokers with a DPC enrollment are perfect pictures of healthy and secure employees. Interested?

Insurance brokers are always in direct contact – and consistently forming relationships – with other people.

Salespeople have to go out and form interrelationships with clients, and this largely affects the lifestyle choices of insurance brokers. Quality relationships are formed further when salespeople go out of their comfort zone to cater to the demands of potential clients.

Needless to say, insurance brokers are so people-oriented that they often need to recalibrate and adjust their choices to fit that of their clients. It is no wonder when at the end of the day, insurance brokers unknowingly lose their individual preferences to embrace other people’s expectations. 

This is the ultimate risk that comes with these types of jobs. But it has to be done because people need insurance coverage for virtually almost everything – health, real estate, properties, and so on.

Direct contact with other people comes with a set of risks. Among these are the following: (1) risk of transmission of infectious diseases, (2) risk to adopt unhealthy eating habits, and (3) the threat of adopting risky lifestyle choices such as cigarette smoking and alcoholic beverage drinking. 

The notable thing is – the friendly, approachable clinician at the DPC knows about it too. An unhurried visit to the DPC clinic can help these salespeople regain their grasp on the ideal lifestyle, customizing it to fit individual preferences. 
Studies have shown that empathy, strong communication, and shared decision-making are essential for a positive patient experience and better health outcomes. This becomes very achievable with the DPC set-up, as clinicians are set to know their patients better compared to the usual five-to-ten-minute outpatient consults.

Why choose DPC for insurance brokers?

DPC is the most innovative thing there is when it comes to overall patient care. After all, optimal health and well-being are a collective of both preventive and curative medicine. 

DPC looks out for people in a holistic manner. Enrollment guarantees that a person will be well taken care of, with health education carefully curated to fit the lifestyle expected of an individual’s profession.

Insurance brokers have a unique way of life that will necessitate a unique approach as well. DPC ensures that patients are seen as they are – as individual patients with unique stories and preferences. 

A healthy interpersonal relationship between a clinician and a patient is one sure way to improve health outcomes. Drop us a call now so we can tell you more about this revolutionary way of patient care

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