Personal Health Membership

$0 Copay 24/7 Telemedicine

$0 Copay for Visits

Annual Wellness Exam & Routine Follow Ups

Same Day, Next Day Sick Visits

Follow Up Appointments

Strep Tests, Urinalysis, Stitches

Nutrition, Lifestyle and Supplement Advice

Direct Access to Provider via text

Remote Care

Discounted Labs

Discounted In-House Prescription

10% off In-House and Online Supplements

Discounted Hormone Pellet Therapy

Extended Appointment Times

Integrative Advice (if preferred)

Why Membership?

  • Like a gym membership, you are investing in your health. Typically you would only visit your healthcare provider’s office when you are sick. In this model, we are encouraging you to use your medical home for more than just “illness care”.
  • In addition to visits with your healthcare provider, you get discounted supplements, discounted labs and even some discounted medications. In addition to your regularly scheduled visits, Well Life ABQ is also here when you are sick. Through the use of texting, emailing, same/next day visits and online/telemedicine when medically appropriate, Well Life ABQ is here.
  • Well Life ABQ is a great option with or without insurance. Most providers have 900-1000+ patients on their “panel”. They don’t know who you are and they are so over booked with appointments, they only have a few minutes to see you.
  • Through the use of membership, Well Life ABQ or Personal Health Membership is able to have a smaller patient panel of 300-400. That means you aren’t just a number, you are a person.
Direct Primary Care Provider Well Life ABQ

How Membership Works

Enroll Online
Membership Payments are taken out on the 5th of the month.
Additional charges for medications, supplements, labs, etc are charged at time of service.
Need to cancel membership – No Problem. Simply call 5 days before the next pay cycle and let us know. Please note re-enrollment is $250 and based on provider availability.

Scope of Services

Healthcare for the Whole Family

Our providers can see patients of all ages. Infants, Pediatrics, Teens, Adults and Geriatrics are welcome. In addition to the typical healthcare experience, we discuss lifestyle, nutrition and supplements.

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Discounted Medications

We carry common medications in-house. This makes it more convenient for your employees. And our costs are passed on to you. This is often 30%-50% off what you have been paying through your TPA.

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Discounted Hormone Replacement

Employees not feeling good? We reserve same day and next day appointments so members can get in right away. Members also have access to our 24/7 telemedicine service. This rapid and free access, encourages your employees to stay out of high-cost ERs and Urgent Care. It also gets them on the road to recovery quickly so they can get back to work.

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Chronic Disease Management & Acute Care

We take care of your employee’s chronic diseases. This includes autoimmune, thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, gout, heart disease, high cholesterol, insomnia, arthritis, GI problems, hormone problems, flu, skin problems, fatigue, reflux, menopause, headaches, migraines, and much, much more. Because we have more time, we don’t write referrals for diseases and conditions that we can treat in-house. This saves money and improves quality of care.

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Discounted Labs

We draw the labs in-house so your employees get the most convenience. We also direct the lab to charge us directly so you can take advantage of our contracted discounts. This is often 90% off what you have been paying through your TPA.

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24/7 Telemedicine

Our program includes a 24/7 Tele-medicine service that provides your employees a low-cost point of entry into the healthcare system. This service is available to the whole household…because we know a sick child can cause a missed day of work.

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Available Treatments

Primary Care for Adults and Children
Integrative Medicine Options
Allergy Testing and Treatment
Weight Loss as a part of a lifestyle change
Nutritional Counseling
Women's Wellness (including GYN exams)
Non-narcotic Pain Management
Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement
Hormone Pellets
Neural Prolo Therapy Injections
Vitamin B12 Shots
GYN Exams
Non-steroidal Injection for knee, foot, elbow, and small joints
Pediatric Wellness, including food allergies, asthma, infections
Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

Taking Care of Patients With

Autoimmune Disease
Allergies (Food, Chemical, Inhalant, Seasonal/Pollen, and Others)
Blood Pressure
Cardiovascular Disease
Cholesterol Problems
Colds and Flu
Fatigue, Fatigue, Fatigue
GI Problems
Heart Disease
Hormone Imbalances (PMS, Menopause)
Insomnia and Sleep Disturbances
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Poor Memory/Confusion/Senility/Brain Fog
Menopausal Symptoms
Migraine Headaches
Osteoporosis & Osteopenia
Pediatrics including Infants
Thyroid (Hypothyroid, Hyperthyroid, Hashimoto's)
Low Testosterone
Ulcerative Colitis
Low Does Naltrexone
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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