How to Relieve Pain While You Work from Home

The Story:

As we adjust to our lives during COVID-19, many of us are finding ourselves working from home, whether temporarily or permanently.

For many of us, working remotely is turning out to be a pain in the neck— literally! In this article, we will go over some ways for pain management while you work from home.

Most of our offices supplied us with ergonomic furniture that helped minimize the pain, but whether it is due to cost or space, ergonomic office furniture at home may not be an option for all of us, lessening the likelihood that we are practicing good posture while working from home, thus, resulting in more pain.

How To Prevent the Pain

Limit the Time You WFB (Work from Bed)

We understand that one of the greatest pros of working form home is you can work from literally anywhere—you don’t even have to get out of bed! But, just because you can stay in bed, does not mean you should. Sitting or lounging in bed while working is horrible for your posture. Your legs are likely in funky positions and your computer screen is too low for comfortable viewing. If for some reason, you must work from bed, put a pillow behind your back and put your laptop on a pillow in your lap. These easy changes should greatly help with pain management.

Sit in a Comfortable and Adjustable Chair

You may not have an office chair and could be using a dining room chair for your new home office, if that is your only option, add some cushions to the chair and roll up a towel to place near your lower back for lumbar support. In order to minimize back pain, you also want to make sure your feet are firmly on the ground. If you can’t reach the ground with your feet, use a footrest or a stack of books or anything you can find that will add some height.

Stretch it Out

Take frequent breaks so that you can stretch your muscles and give them a break. Even if you don’t feel like a full stretch, a walk around the house and some neck circles will do wonders for your back and neck pain.

Pain on the Sofa

If you like to switch up your scenery during the day and move from your chair or bed to the sofa, we have some ways to make it a little more comfortable. Typically, the sofa does not offer much support for your spine, resulting in lower back pain. To alleviate that, sit on the edge of the couch with your feet on the floor and cushions behind your back for support. Just like with the bed, we recommend some cushions on your lap to raise your laptop up to a height that won’t cause you neck pain.

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