Family Healthcare Costs In Albuquerque: You’d Be Amazed How You Can Afford It!

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September 5, 2022

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. You pay a flat rate of $75 per employee per month. Family healthcare costs in Albuquerque can be as low as $30 a month. But it’s not traditional health insurance!

Direct primary care (DPC) is a healthcare model different from traditional health insurance. It covers all family members as long as they belong to the same household. This includes lawful or cohabiting partners, kids, and others unrelated by blood. 

Find out the costs of healthcare insurance versus DPC. And see what’s in store for your employees’ families based on the rates.

  • The average cost of healthcare for a person and family
  • Traditional healthcare insurance vs. other healthcare providers
  • Ways to help lower the cost of healthcare 

What Is The Average Family Healthcare Costs In Albuquerque?

Can you and your employees afford to pay for health insurance? What about additional family members? Big and small businesses struggle with fitting insurance plans to their budgets. 

Employers select from metal tiers with different monthly rates or premiums. These tiers range from about $300 to $700.

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Expanded bronze
  • Bronze
  • Catastrophic

Employers can also select from different types of insurance plans. The monthly rate is between $450 to $500.

  • EPO
  • PPO
  • POS
  • HMO

The following sections show how much you need to pay for your employees and their families.

Looking for affordable healthcare benefits for your employees?

How Much Is Health Insurance Per Month For A Single Person?

The costs dramatically vary, depending on factors like location and healthcare needs. However, these figures closely relate to each other. To give you an idea, here are some estimates from 2020 to 2022.

For example, experts say the average national health insurance cost for a person was about $450 per month in 2020. The Kaiser Family Foundation reports individual insurance costs at $7,739 as of 2021.

New Mexico ranks fourth among all states regarding rising healthcare costs. A 2021 survey shows the monthly rate jumped from $409 in 2021 to $480 in 2022. However, there are insurance plans by metal tier as low as about $250 for the younger age group.

How Much Is Insurance For A Family Healthcare Costs In Albuquerque?

Similar to a single person, the family healthcare cost in Albuquerque varies. It depends on a few factors, too.

For example, experts say a family's average national health insurance cost was about $1,150 per month in 2020. But it has since increased. According to KFF, Americans paid around $22,221 for a family in 2021.

How Many Americans Lack Adequate Health Insurance?

According to a Forbes article, about 8% of Americans don’t have health insurance. About 55% have insurance shouldered by employers. At the same time, 20% receive it from Medicare or Medicaid.

Big businesses provide insurance coverage for their employees. But some small businesses can’t give the same coverage due to budget constraints. 

Small business employers find other ways to help their employees with their healthcare. For example, they pay for direct primary care with a fixed monthly fee instead of insurance.

Let’s help you choose a DPC provider for your employees and their families.

What Is the Difference Between Traditional Insurance vs. Other Healthcare Providers?

Health insurance works great for both employees and their families. But other healthcare benefits, like DPC, can also provide basic healthcare services. 

DPC doesn’t compete with or intend to replace your existing health insurance. Instead, it works in conjunction with health insurance. However, DPC can also be an independent health benefit for your employees.

Family healthcare costs in Albuquerque cover two or more members with a fixed sum. Some health insurance companies require legitimate family members only. They may provide the following coverage:

  • ER services
  • Acute care
  • Prescription drugs
  • Well-baby and child health
  • Preventive care
  • Chronic disease management
  • Rehabilitative medicine
  • Mental health
  • Diagnostics and labs
  • Hospital admissions
  • Pre and post-hospital services

In contrast, DPC services may have their limitations. For instance, it doesn’t cover major surgeries, hospital stays, and catastrophic health problems. 

DPC, though, provides services not typically offered by health insurance companies. On top of the usual health care, it includes:

  • 24/7 Telemedicine
  • In-house specialist
  • Discounted medicines
  • Discounted diagnostics and labs of 50-90%

How Can You Curb Family Healthcare Costs In Albuquerque?

CNBC news reported that healthcare costs are rising in the US more than in any other country. This situation affects all Americans regardless of state but in varying degrees. 

According to KFF, 44% of insured American adults worry about their deductibles. Yet, at the same time, about 30% worry if they can afford their health insurance at all. 

At the same time, it includes uninsured American adults with low incomes. They either delay or forgo seeking healthcare because they find it expensive. 

The consequences can lead to more health problems for the individuals and their families. Here are some ways to help your employees cope with healthcare costs.

Choose The Right Healthcare Benefit

It’s good for your business if you have an existing healthcare benefit. However, there are ways of choosing one if you’re looking for more affordable options. 

There are many healthcare providers driving family healthcare costs in Albuquerque. You can consider the location, facility, and staff. Most importantly, check out the healthcare services to meet the specific needs of your employees.

Preventive medicine and chronic disease management are two of the most critical services. It helps in the early detection of disease, which can benefit your employees’ family members with chronic illnesses. In addition, they are monitored to prevent their condition from progressing.

Promote Health For Your Employees Families

A healthy workforce means a healthy business—reduced absenteeism from sickness results in better productivity. Family members also need to stay healthy. A sick family causes worry to your employees, and it adds to healthcare costs. Thus, it is crucial to what you can do to prevent chronic diseases.

For example, some employers promote healthy eating habits and exercise breaks. On the other hand, other employers provide health awareness programs for quitting smoking and weight management. These healthy habits apply to your employees’ families, too.

Discover here how telemedicine helps your employees and their families.

Suggest Telemedicine

Not all health insurance providers offer 24/7 telemedicine or virtual consults. However, if your employees or their families feel unwell, telemedicine is an accessible and convenient option. 

They don’t have to travel to a clinic and wait in line for a consultation. It lessens their risks of catching infections if they go to the ER or clinic. Moreover, it saves your employees and their families effort, time, and money. 
For example, a 2021 systematic study reveals the benefit of telehealth. The researchers said it could be as effective as a face-to-face encounter for psychotherapy or family therapy.

Provide A List Of Pharmacies

The family healthcare costs in Albuquerque include medicine, which continues to rise. It would help your employees greatly if you could list drug stores offering discounted medications. Check out promotions offered by these drugstores and spread the word to your employees.

Some medical practitioners under a healthcare insurance network prescribe branded medicines. However, there are generic counterparts with the same ingredients at a lower price. Medical practitioners may allow their employees and families to switch from branded to generic drugs.


Insurance companies have add-on rates for family coverage. Family healthcare costs in Albuquerque vary depending on the kind of insurance plan. They offer many services, but some do not provide telemedicine, specialists, and discounted labs or medicines. 

It’s best to check the different insurance companies if you are scouting for a healthcare benefit for your employees and their families. DPC can be an option. 

Unlike healthcare insurance, DPC has no deductibles, copays, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket costs. It can complement your existing health insurance or stand alone as a healthcare benefit for your employees and their families.

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