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Services for Employees

Healthcare for the Whole Family

Our providers can see patients of all ages. Infants, Pediatrics, Teens, Adults and Geriatrics are welcome. In addition to the typical healthcare experience, we discuss lifestyle, nutrition and supplements.

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Discounted Medications

We carry common medications in-house. This makes it more convenient for your employees. And our costs are passed on to you. This is often 30%-50% off what you have been paying through your TPA.

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Discounted Hormone Replacement

Employees not feeling good? We reserve same day and next day appointments so members can get in right away. Members also have access to our 24/7 telemedicine service. This rapid and free access, encourages your employees to stay out of high-cost ERs and Urgent Care. It also gets them on the road to recovery quickly so they can get back to work.

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Chronic Disease Management & Acute Care

We are able to manage the most common chronic diseases. This includes autoimmune, thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, gout, heart disease, high cholesterol, insomnia, arthritis, GI problems, hormone problems, flu, skin problems, fatigue, reflux, menopause, headaches, migraines, and much, much more. Because we have more time, we don’t write referrals for diseases and conditions that we can treat in-house. This saves money and improves quality of care.

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Discounted Labs

We draw the labs in-house so your employees get the most convenience. We also direct the lab to charge us directly so you can take advantage of our contracted discounts. This is often 90% off what you have been paying through your TPA.

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24/7 Telemedicine

Our program includes a 24/7 Tele-medicine service that provides your employees a low-cost point of entry into the healthcare system. This service is available to the whole household…because we know a sick child can cause a missed day of work.

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Self or Level/Partially Funded

A self or level/partially funded company pays for its health claims through a third party administrator (TPA) that functions like an insurance company. This TPA processes all employee health insurance claims and the company pays for those claims out of its own funds. Any funds remaining at the end of the year are retained by the company. If the funds are depleted or a health claim exceeds a certain amount, then reinsurance kicks in. For many years, this has been the best way for a company to somewhat control its health costs.

Adding our Primary Care Program to your benefits is a fantastic new tool to further control your costs and employees love the program, making it an excellent recruiting and retention tool.

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We help your bottom line in two key ways. One is through access and the other is through direct pay arrangements.


Your employee health benefits are costing you a fortune and your employees can’t even find a primary care provider. This is an enormous problem because that lack of access forces them into higher-cost access points like Urgent Care and Emergency Rooms. They are also deferring care because of the hassle and unexpected costs associated with healthcare.

Well Life ABQ’s Primary Care Program provides your employees with a true medical home and a 24/7 telemedicine service. Together, these provide free access to the healthcare system every minute of every day. Your employees can now get the Right Care at the Right Time at the Right Place and at the Right Price.


In addition, we provide your company and your employees with access to our direct pay arrangements for labs, radiology, and many specialists. Instead of paying inflated insurance claim costs, you can now access massive discounts and a claim is not filed. Not only do you save 50% or more on most services, your employee has lower out-of-pocket costs. And they never receive the dreaded surprise bill, months later.


It’s very easy to implement our program at any time because it doesn’t alter or disrupt your current benefits.

1.  After we discuss your company’s needs and determine we are a good fit, we sign an agreement that basically outlines the services.

2. We then market the program to your employees.  After a basic company announcement, we recommend that we market directly.  Healthcare can be a very personal and touchy subject.  Employees usually have a lot of questions and we can make sure those questions are answered.  This also takes the workload away from your staff.

3. Only the employees that opt-in are added to the program.  We find that a few early adopters will try it out and then their co-workers will trickle in.  This program does not require a fixed open-enrollment period.

4. Because employee participation ultimately saves the company money you want to incentivize participation.  Companies do this by covering the membership costs for the employee and their families that are participating in the company health plan.  They also cover a large portion of prescriptions and medications so that the employee has a lower out-of-pocket cost.  It is important to remember that you are overpaying a much larger portion on the back end. 

5. For example, we frequently see that our basic set of labs is billed to insurance for over $1000.  Our direct pay is about $150.  Its easy to see that a company covering 80% would pay an $800 claim.  While that same 80% as direct pay would be $120. 

6. Companies can also use this tool for part-time employees as a recruitment and retention tool.  In this scenario, companies typically pay a portion of the membership fee and a small percentage of labs and prescriptions.

Although the program is pretty straightforward, we understand that you will have plenty of questions.  We would love to come to your company and meet with your team.  To start the conversation email kc@welllifeabq.com or call us at 505-585-2345 and ask for KC or Sasha.

Fully Insured

A fully-insured company pays an insurance premium and the insurance company manages the care and costs.  Companies that are fully-insured generally have between 10-50 employees.  

This type of company financially benefits the least from a Direct Primary Care Program because:

  1. They are already paying enormous amounts on premiums.  Adding DPC is an added cost.

  2. Because they do not benefit from lowering claims costs “on the back-end”, they do not benefit from our direct pay arrangement discounts.

There are other benefits to consider:

  1. If your employees have a high-deductible plan, they might be deferring care because of the costs.  This could ultimately cost your company in lower productivity and even loss of the employee due to health problems.  Even worse, the deferred care could result in a poor health outcome for your employee.

  2. A Direct Primary Care Program can be a recruitment and retention tool.  Whether your company competes with larger companies or similarly sized companies, having this program could woo a quality employee to choose to work for you.


Although the program is pretty straightforward, we understand that you will have plenty of questions.  We would love to come to your company and meet with your team.  To start the conversation email kc@welllifeabq.com or call us at 505-585-2345 and ask for KC or Sasha.

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Currently No Health Benefits

A company that offers no health benefits is always less than 50 employees, but generally less than 20.  

Adding a Direct Primary Care Program can make a huge difference.  No matter how much a quality employee might want to work at your company, many can’t even consider it because of no health benefits.  Even very simple health conditions would eliminate your company for consideration.

For example, hypothyroidism is a very common condition and easily managed.  However, a visit to the doctor 1-4 times per year, plus monthly costs of medication would cost someone about $1500 or more.  With a Direct Primary Care program, visits would be free and medication would likely be under $120.  Your company could even consider covering all or a portion of medication costs.  All that plus any other needed healthcare, costs your company about about $1020 per year.

With the program, employees now have a medical home and access to low-cost healthcare.  They can now obtain wellness care and sick care.  This keeps them healthy and productive.  

Although the program is pretty straightforward, we understand that you will have plenty of questions.  We would love to meet you. 

To start the conversation email kc@welllifeabq.com or call us at 505-585-2345 and ask for KC or Sasha.

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Employer Solutions

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a membership-based healthcare plan. Your company pays a monthly fee and your employees get access to a broad range of healthcare services.

It is essentially concierge service without the concierge price for 80-90% of your employee’s healthcare needs. DPC allows patients and their providers to have a closer relationship and therefore improves the quality of care.

Instead of the provider rushing in and out of an appointment, providers in direct primary care typically have more time to spend with their patients and therefore a better, more trusting relationship is formed.

Well Life ABQ’s Direct Primary Care plan assists you in living a lifestyle that promotes wellness. It is designed to keep you healthy and well, providing all the care you would receive as your primary care provider as well as many additional benefits you won’t find at a typical doctor’s office. Membership is required for ongoing care at Well Life. We have found this model to be the best way to deliver in-depth care.

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Direct Primary Care Employer Solutions Well Life ABQ

Are the costs of employee healthcare making you sick?

Every business has different healthcare challenges. Schedule a FREE business review now so we can assess and make recommendations that match your needs!

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Direct Primary Care Employer Solutions Well Life ABQ

How We Can Help You

  • Employees have decreased claims because seeing us is free.
  • Also companies can pay directly for labs and prescriptions.  Our rates are 50-90% off the inflated claims process. 
  • Membership includes 24/7 telemedicine and a text line directly to their provider. This kind of immediate access decreases ER and Urgent Care claims too.
  • You keep your third-party administrator and reinsurance in place for the big stuff.
  • We help you save big dollars on 80-90% of the other costs.
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Small Companies

Small companies can be broken down into 2 types:

  1. Companies currently offering benefits, but looking to switch to high-deductible or catastrophic. The higher out of pocket costs can lead to your employees avoiding healthcare altogether.

  2. Companies that can’t afford to offer a full health insurance benefit plan, but would like to explore alternative options like direct primary care.
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Direct Primary Care Employer Solutions Well Life ABQ
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