Affordable Healthcare for Lawyers in Albuquerque: Why You Need One

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November 23, 2022

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M -- Everyone deserves affordable healthcare regardless of their profession. For example, you may experience stress which can happen every day. You can burn out if you continue disregarding your stress over time. 

Lawyers may experience stress and burnout more than others. But unfortunately, it can later lead to many health problems like chronic diseases.

If you are a lawyer or managing a law firm, here’s why you need to consider a healthcare provider:

  • Affordable healthcare for lawyers
  • Health status red flags
  • Stress management tips for lawyers
  • Kinds of healthcare
  • Benefits of providing healthcare

Why Is Affordable Healthcare Crucial For Lawyers?

There’s no significant difference in the mental health status of professionals with the same educational level. Based on a study, it includes lawyers, doctors, and dentists. But an earlier study reveals litigation lawyers have higher work- and client-related burnout among other lawyers. 

In general, Bloomberg’s 2021 analysis reveals insights into lawyering. Some 614 lawyers reported feeling burned out 52% of the time in their jobs. Moreover, 46% said their well-being worsened in the fourth quarter of 2021, compared to 34% in the third quarter.

At the same time, Legastic surveyed 100 legal professionals in the UK. It reveals that 9 out of 10 lawyers get stressed or burned out on the job. More than 25% said they felt it every day.

Continued stress at work can potentially lead to health problems. Evidence shows burnout was linked to muscle and bone problems in women and heart problems in men. Stress can also increase the risk of weight gain, diabetes, headaches, and depression.

Stress and burnout go beyond physical health. Work performance, social relationships, and overall well-being are also affected. 
Thus, healthcare benefits you and the lawyers in your firm since the job is highly stressful. It includes preventive and chronic disease management.

Know more about affordable healthcare for your employees here!

What Are The Red Flags Suggesting A Need For Affordable Healthcare?

Many factors can cause stress. In your law firm, your lawyers handle many cases simultaneously as they scramble for deadlines. The workload is one of many issues. Your lawyers can also be constantly threatened by scrutiny and malpractice. These factors strain their physical, social, and mental health.

These are some of the red flags you might observe:

  • Muscle aches and body pains
  • Headaches
  • Gut problems
  • Fatigue
  • Trouble sleeping

Stress is subjective and can not be tested. You can only be certain if the person tells you how they feel. But there are evaluation tools to know if anyone has chronic stress and burnout. You can consult us about your observations to learn more about the condition.

How Can Lawyers Manage Stress?

You cannot avoid stress. But, you can instead manage it. The first step to managing stress is acknowledging it, then stopping it. Here are five tips for coping with stress in your law firm:

  1. Set goals and manage time: It helps you to organize tasks based on urgency and importance. And try to do these tasks within work hours.
  1. Take breaks: Drop the task and sip a coffee. Or, clear your mind by meditating or closing your eyes for relaxation.  
  1. Get physical: Stand up and walk around the office. It also helps to exercise to boost physical and mental energy.
  1. Talk to someone: Reach out and share your experiences with other lawyers to make you feel better. Or discuss your condition with a therapist or counselor.
  1. Connect with loved ones: Unplug yourself from work and log into family time, especially after work. It gives comfort and joy.
Lawyers can expect these benefits from direct primary care!

How Can You Provide Affordable Healthcare For Your Law Firm?

Healthcare providers offer various medical, health, and wellness services. The cost depends on the plan or healthcare coverage. For example, healthcare can be covered by insurance and direct primary care (DPC). 

There are 10 essential health benefits offered by most insurance plans. It includes preventive measures, wellness services, and chronic disease management. Preventive services detect diseases before they occur. It goes hand-in-hand with wellness programs and counseling to maintain a healthy condition. 

In contrast, chronic disease management covers screenings, check-ups or follow-ups, and existing health condition monitoring. As a result, it slows the worsening and progression of a chronic health problem.

Some small businesses, like law firms with less than 50 employees, may or may not have health insurance. DPC offers affordable healthcare at a fixed monthly rate per employee. For example, our $80 monthly fee covers preventive and chronic disease management. This fixed monthly rate is lower than traditional healthcare plans. 

Unlike healthcare under insurance, DPC has no deductibles, copays, and out-of-pocket expenses. Moreover, DPC also offers other services, which have additional charges under traditional healthcare insurance. For example, it includes discounted labs and medicines.

What Are The Benefits of Affordable Healthcare For Your Law Firm?

Your law firm and your pool of lawyers benefit in three ways. First, you pay a fixed monthly rate for your lawyers. It means less cost on check-ups and follow-ups. Additionally, your lawyers enjoy discounts for labs and meds by as much as 50%.

Second, DPC’s affordable healthcare keeps lawyers healthy. It maintains work performance, which potentially prevents the development of chronic diseases. 

As a result, your lawyers won’t have to take sick leave that affects their legal duties. At the same time, productivity equates to earnings for your law firm.

And third, lawyers who are burned out also struggle with declined well-being. Based on Bloomberg's analysis, they showed lower job satisfaction and higher work-related problems. In contrast, employers providing healthcare benefits leads to greater productivity and work accomplishments. 

Further, offering healthcare to your lawyers makes them feel appreciated. It’s a way of retaining them in your firm. Survey says healthcare is one of the benefits they want to receive from employers.


Stress and burnout can take a toll on your lawyers. They may need help with focusing on work and become prone to errors. It results in low productivity and relationship problems. At the same time, they may develop diseases that could be prevented with proper healthcare.

Offering affordable healthcare in Albuquerque benefits your law firm and your employees. It saves costs and promotes job satisfaction and well-being.

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