Affordable Healthcare Benefits for Employees In Albuquerque [Open Forum]

Well Life ABQ
May 19, 2022

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(Albuquerque) – Well Life ABQ is excited to gather leaders together to discuss effective solutions for providing AFFORDABLE healthcare to employees in the CURRENT system.

Healthcare need not be expensive. What are the healthcare benefits options? And where can you find affordable quality healthcare in Albuquerque? 

There are many problems plaguing the healthcare system. First, a challenge includes focusing on prevention instead of individualized care. Traditional healthcare providers promote prevention, but every person’s health status is unique. Second, the costs of prescription drugs continue to hurt the budget of both employers and employees. 

There are other factors to consider besides healthcare system problems. Choosing a healthcare plan can also be a challenge. There are a lot of healthcare plans offering various services. The four essential elements are catastrophic health insurance, third-party administrator (TPA) process claims, access to services, and procedures.

First, catastrophic health insurance is under the Affordable Care Act. It’s medical coverage for people under 30 years who are financially challenged. However, it has limited routine care services but high deductibles.

Second, TPA provides administrative services. They offer health insurance claims processing and settlement on behalf of insurance companies. It includes taking care of hospital admission payments and other expenses. However, TPAs can drain the budget as their service costs skyrocket. Additionally, older and high-risk employees can become problematic.

Third, access to services in a traditional healthcare plan includes emergency room visits. However, this instance is still an out-of-pocket expense and subject to reimbursement. Moreover, traditional healthcare may have an additional cost for other venues of healthcare services other than ER visits. A 24/7 telemedicine and virtual consultation may not be included.

Fourth, diagnostics, labs, and surgeries are equally vital. Traditional healthcare demands extra payment for lab tests. Other medical procedures that need additional charges include off-label drugs, elective surgery, cosmetic procedures, and the latest medical devices or technologies.

So, what gives? 

A DPC provider gets to know you better to suggest appropriate healthcare for you. It offers more than individualized care. It obtains the medications directly from a drug manufacturer. Less cost on buying means less cost when selling. A DPC offers low-cost medications. 

You save money on discounted medicines and procedures too. It includes laboratory tests and referrals to in-house specialists. 

And what about the other nuances? Learn how DPC benefits employers and employees! Join us in our discussion at Jimmy’s Café in Jefferson on May 24, 8:15 AM.

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