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February 9, 2022

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Employees may develop chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease. When left unmanaged, these conditions are among the top leading causes of death in New Mexico and the US. Chronic health issues and their complications also reduce employee productivity…not to mention time lost from going to the doctor. 

A direct primary care (DPC) provider offers accessible healthcare. It benefits your employees in many ways:

  • What is accessible healthcare?
  • Why is access to healthcare critical?
  • What is the link between health and work?

Why Is Accessible Healthcare Important?

Well Life Family Practice, a DPC provider, offers accessible healthcare. It is timely and leads to the best health outcomes. Your employees get the proper healthcare, where and when they need it. Our qualified and competent staff provide healthcare services at their call.

These employee services are included in a flat monthly membership fee:

Same-day/next-day appointments are always available to your employees 

There may be times when your employees have an urgent or semi-urgent healthcare need. 

Unfortunately, your employees are forced into high-cost urgent care or emergency rooms in the current healthcare system. With the Well Life Primary Care Program, your employees can skip the high costs, long wait times, and disjointed care. They can be seen by their very own primary care provider. 

As a result, they get seen promptly and get back to work feeling better and ready to work. 

Virtual consultation 

There may be times, though, that your employees can’t visit our clinic. In this case, they can schedule a virtual consultation with us. 

Is the quality of care comparable to face-to-face clinic visits? There are upsides and downsides to telemedicine, based on two 2021 studies.

A study led by the University of Cambridge shows the benefits and risks of telemedicine among people with chronic diseases. The key finding reveals that 86% of clients and 93% of medical practitioners said it was worse than face-to-face consultations. The reason was the inaccuracy of assessment or a misdiagnosis. 

The researchers concluded that healthcare provider training could improve safety and acceptability. It also helps to offer options for clients.

In contrast, another study reveals that online consultations are acceptable, convenient, and effective. The researchers identified challenges like identity verification and online interface. However, both patients and medical practitioners found satisfaction in the online consultation.

Longer visit times

Since a medical practitioner has fewer clients, more time is spent with each client. It is one of the advantages of direct primary care compared with traditional care. DPC sees a client for about 40 minutes compared to 10 minutes in traditional care.

We provide personalized and patient-centered approaches. It means your employees spend more time with our medical practitioners. We engage with your employees and empower them to decide on the best modality that suits them. 

They get a comprehensive assessment of their medical concerns. Additionally, we discuss the appropriate lab tests, medications, and therapies.  

24/7 telemedicine

If they seek healthcare without leaving their work or home, they can do so. We have a 24/7 telemedicine facility they can call for acute care. They can talk to our healthcare representative about any immediate medical concerns.

Telemedicine provides remote access to healthcare, especially for people in rural areas. A 2020 narrative review shows telemedicine continues to provide quality accessible healthcare solutions. 

It works well as it maintains social distancing in the pandemic. In addition, the review reveals that telemedicine appointments can be as good as face-to-face clinic visits.

Telemedicine at your employees’ fingertips – bust the myths today.

Why Is Access to Healthcare Critical?

Access to healthcare impacts health and well-being. Reliable access to healthcare services is vital for three reasons.

1. Prevent disease and disability

Early detection is the key to preventing chronic diseases or the progression of a severe illness. Studies found that clients with chronic diseases under DPC have fewer recurring health concerns. As a result, there are fewer ER visits.

Moreover, obesity can be mitigated through early prevention. Obesity contributes to the leading causes of chronic diseases and premature deaths in NM. 

Based on a 2018 survey, the rate of overweight adults in NM is very close to the national average. Obesity by itself can be considered a chronic disease. However, comorbidities or multiple chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension add to the financial burden. 

Access to healthcare allows obese adults to seek nutrition and weight loss counseling. These prevention activities are included in a DPC’s monthly membership fee.Other prevalent chronic diseases in Bernalillo County include asthma, lung cancer, and arthritis. These medical conditions can be prevented through counseling, annual medical exams, and labs.

2. Improve the quality of life

It increases care and health outcomes, especially if your employees have chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes. We offer chronic disease management to help them cope with the challenges of their disease. They have access to consultation, education, and follow-up care. 

Health-related quality of life refers to physical and mental health. Access to healthcare improves both conditions through proper health monitoring. 

For example, your employees’ high blood pressure is maintained, or their blood sugar levels are controlled. Thus, they continue to stay healthy without feeling the symptoms of their chronic condition.

As a result, their physical and mental state affects the other aspects of their lives. Quality of life includes employment, housing, social relationships, and community. It’s an encompassing concept that extends to spirituality, belief, culture, and values.

3. Reduce risks of early death

Premature death can be brought about by many factors. New Mexico’s top causes of mortality are heart disease, cancer, unintentional injury, chronic lower respiratory disease, stroke, and diabetes.
Most of these medical conditions are preventable. Access to healthcare, as earlier discussed, helps manage these chronic conditions.
Regular check-ups, diagnostics and labs, and health education contribute to keeping you healthy. For people with hypertension or diabetes, access to healthcare can reduce their risk of premature death.

Here’s why your employees need chronic disease management.

Poor health is associated with absenteeism, presenteeism, and job loss. It can equate to a loss of income for you, due to your employees’ reduced productivity.


For instance, your employee can’t report to work because their blood pressure may be 180/110 with dizziness and a headache. A day’s absence due to your employee’s chronic disease can affect work and your business, too.

A study found that absenteeism ranged from one to two days per employee per year, depending on the chronic disease. Results of the study show absenteeism per employee cost about $16 to $81 for small employers and $17 to $286 for large employers per year. In another study, the cost of absenteeism was $520.

It’s a substantial loss for your employees, who incur lower income. And it affects your business due to lower productivity.


For instance, your employee, John’s blood sugar level registers at 180 mg/dL in the morning. John still makes it to work, but he feels tired and nauseous with a racing heartbeat. He is physically present at work but not functioning as expected.

John’s presenteeism can cost you a lot. 

Based on a study, presenteeism significantly exceeded combined costs of absenteeism and medical treatment. For example, according to a study among Japanese employers, the cost of presenteeism due to chronic diseases was $3,055.

In another US-based four-year review, the researchers identified 22 specific health conditions associated with presenteeism. These health conditions resulted in daily productivity loss. It includes NM’s top chronic diseases - heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. Specifically, heart diseases are risks linked to presenteeism. A study among 6,047 employees suggests access to healthcare services to prevent the cost of presenteeism.

Job loss

Your employees are at risk of financial insecurity when left unhealthy. They can lose their job because of the severity of their chronic condition. It happens when they’re sick often and don’t have proper healthcare services. 

Unemployment is possible on top of incidental expenses. Medical expenses include medications, tests, procedures, and supportive therapies. 

Unhealthy behaviors contribute to disability and unemployment. Some of these behaviors are smoking and poor diet among people with chronic diseases. At the same time, employees undergoing medical treatment are at risk of job loss. 

Job loss worsens your employees’ chronic disease and increases their risk of mental problems. It can result in anxiety, depression, or even suicidal ideation in the long term.

Researchers suggest the importance of the workplace environment. They derived their suggestion from a qualitative study among people with chronic diseases from seven European countries. 

They said the workplace could adapt to the needs of people with chronic diseases to allow them to function or return to work for good.

Adapting the work environment helps people retain or go back to their job. Another solution is access to healthcare, such as health promotion. It provides employees resources in choosing activities for a healthier lifestyle.

Don’t let your employees’ chronic disease affect their work. Help them manage their hypertension now.


Hypertension and diabetes are two of the leading chronic diseases in New Mexico. It can cause absenteeism, presenteeism, and job loss. Access to healthcare manages your employees’ chronic disease(s). It can prevent the progression of their condition or the development of a severe illness. In addition, it can improve their quality of life and reduce the risk of early death.

Access to healthcare services includes same-day appointments, telemedicine, virtual consultation, and quality consultation time. It leads to healthy employees, lower medical costs, and better productivity.

Well Life Family Practice offers comprehensive healthcare services for you for only $75 per month.

More face time, less wait time! Enroll online today.

Accessible Healthcare
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