Personal Health Membership

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is happy patients and happy providers equals better healthcare. We offer multiple treatment options and educate on the risks and benefits. The patient ultimately decides, follows and incorporates those recommendations into their life.

We believe that health insurance does not equal quality HEALTHCARE. In fact, most of the time insurance gets in the way of care. Instead we offer a cost-effective membership that revolutionizes the relationship between patient and provider.

We still use your insurance for labs, tests and referrals when you tell us to. We also believe in transparent costs and no surprise bills. We have also negotiated some amazing discounts on common medications and labs. Most of the time those discounts are even cheaper than using insurance!

Our Team

We love our work family and we want your work family to love being a member here.
Because our team isn't overwhelmed every minute of every day, we can deliver outstanding quality AND an outstanding experience.


We are on a MISSION to provide outstanding, accessible and affordable healthcare. We provide the RIGHT healthcare at the RIGHT time at the RIGHT cost.


By TRANSFORMING the outpatient healthcare experience and costs, we provide the RIGHT CARE at the RIGHT TIME at the RIGHT COST to employees as part of a robust employee benefits package.

Our attentive and thoughtful model of healthcare delivers respect and caring for your team .

Our Core Values

Teamwork - When our team cooperates and communicates we are able to deliver to your team.

Reliable/Accountable - We expect our team members to be reliable and accountable, so that we can be reliable and accountable to your team.
Efficiency - Along with our heart, we follow processes and use thoughtful technology, so that we can deliver the best experience consistently to everyone, every time.

Continuous Process Improvement - If something isn't working, we fix it. Whether that means we fix the immediate problem for you or adjusting an entire process, our staff is empowered to fix it.

Fun and Friendly - When we succeed in the first four values, work can be fun. We want your team to enjoy healthcare too!

Work-Life Balance - We want our staff to be focused and refreshed during every patient interaction. We close early on Fridays, adjust our schedule for staff planned absences, and take time for team building. Don't worry though, we still provide 24/7 access to a healthcare provider.

Meet Our Staff

Katherine "KC", FNP-C

Founder and C-FNP
KC is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with over 25 years of experience in healthcare. She mostly oversees the infusions during the week, along with Darlene.
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Renee, FNP-C

Renee, our nurse practitioner, has been in the healthcare industry for 13 years. She relocated with her husband to New Mexico in June 2021. Her two fur babies, Rascal and Sox, are her treasures. She also loves weight lifting and yoga.
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Jackie, FNP-C

Jacqueline is a Family Nurse Practitioner with 21 years of healthcare experience. She has a background in primary care, neurology, and immunology infusions.
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Melissa, Office Manager

Office Manager
Melissa, our Office Manager, has 18 years of healthcare experience under her belt. She hailed from California but has served New Mexico residents for over 30 years. Her hubby, 6 children, and 2 adorable mini pinschers keep her personal life joyful. She spends her “me time” crafting and decorating.
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Darlene, RN

Darlene joined Well Life ABQ in 2019. She manages most of the infusions and juggles many other responsibilities in both the Infusion Clinic and Well Life ABQ.
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Victoria, MA & Front Desk

MA & Front Desk
ictoria Valdo is our friendly face at the front desk. She attended the Sherman Indian High School in Riverside California and then went on to Pima medical institute...
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Direct Primary Care Albuquerque Well Life ABQ

Norma Curven

Front Desk
Norma grew up in southern California but spent a lot of time in New Mexico. Norma plays volleyball and is also a dog walker, but gets to go home to her dog Rocky.
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