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Well Life ABQ uses a model called Direct Primary Care to deliver BETTER HEALTHCARE
to companies and individuals.

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What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a refreshing way to deliver healthcare. For a flat monthly fee, Well Life ABQ provides 80-90% of your healthcare needs. Compare Insurance Based Care to Direct Primary Care!


our mission

We want to be your medical home sweet home. We offer PATIENT-CENTRIC care, by scheduling enough time to actually get to know you and listen. Instead of quickly writing a prescription or referring you to another provider, we work with you to overcome your health problems through nutrition, lifestyle, supplements and medicine. 

We are committed to helping you get well, stay well and live well. As a membership family practice, called Direct Primary Care, Well Life ABQ is able to schedule enough time with you to actually get to know you and listen to you.

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Well Life ABQ's Direct Primary Care plan assists you in living a lifestyle that promotes wellness.

It is designed to keep you healthy and well, providing all the care you would receive as your primary care provider as well as many additional benefits you won’t find at a typical doctor’s office. 

Membership is required for ongoing care at Well Life. We have found this model to be the best way to deliver in-depth care.


Healthcare for
the Whole Family




Vitamin Infusions & IV Therapy


Chronic Disease
Management &
Acute Care





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Well Life Updates

COVID-19 Antibody Testing Antibody testing for COVID-19 is no longer new to us especially since the pandemic has worn on.
Covid-19 RT-PCR Testing Now Available at Well Life ABQ for Members & Companies!When your company has a potential COVID exposure,
What is Cholesterol?The term “cholesterol” has earned a bad reputation among the general public. It is commonly associated with issues

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