The Direct Primary Care Healthcare model for employers is like peanut butter and chocolate. 



THE BEAUTY OF DIRECT PRIMARY CARE IS ITS SIMPLICITY. For $60 per month plus tax, employers cover 80-100% of their employee health needs. This model works for  small employers that can't afford to offer traditional insurance or larger employers that want to move to a high-deductible health plan.

Unfortunately,  high deductible health plans result in much larger out of pocket costs for the employee.  And it's a fact that people will often forego their health if their out of pocket costs are too steep. That means small or avoidable problems can mushroom into major health problems.  A once productive employee, is now frequently absent or no longer able to continue working.

IT GETS EVEN BETTER! DPC practices aren't overbooked.  Well Life is committed to never having more than 300members per provider.  That means there are same day and next day appointments.  And there is rarely a wait to see the provider because we aren't overbooked.  So your employees can get in/get out and get back to work. Phone follow ups are even available when medically appropriate.

AAAAND....Well Life ABQ carries common medications.  Whether the patient needs their blood pressure medication or antibiotics when they are sick, Well Life can make it happen.  This is especially useful when the employee doesn't have insurance, but Well Life is sometimes even able to beat the copay price!  That also means no extra trip to the pharmacy.

Direct Primary Care is even being embraced by huge companies like Amazon and JP Morgan, because their insurance plans are self-funded...meaning the employer ultimately foots the bill. These giants understand that an all-inclusive primary care plan can save them large amounts of money on the back end. Check out this articles from Apr 3, 2018.

How Employers Could Use Direct Primary Care

Sounds Too Good To Be True

It really isn't.  It's old fashioned modern medicine for a fixed cost to the employer.   Its that simple and it works.